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Who poses a bigger threat to society?

Catching up on the news from my 2nd hometown of London, I feel compelled to go off on a rant. It appears that the people threatening the sacred values of Armistice Day are not the 300,000 citizens demanding a ceasefire in Gaza, but rather those representatives of the Far Right who have descended on the city heading to the Cenotaph shouting 'England 'til I die' (whatever that means in their little EDL heads). Emboldened by the inflammatory claims made by the Home Secretary earlier this week, where she effectively questioned the MET police's choice to allow the march to go ahead accusing them of playing favourites with pro-Palestine supporters, these yobs are the ones clashing with law enforcement and wreaking havoc.

Just as a reminder, said Home Secretary is facing legal action for forcing through a new anti-protest legislation that has been labelled "unlawful" by human rights campaigners. In recent days, Tory politicians and client journalists have been going out of their way to condemn those standing up for peace, accusing them of disrespectfully highjacking Armistice day. The last time I checked, that is the day that commemorates the agreement that led to the end of WWI.

Make no mistake, the greatest threat to British society is the current Tory Government.

F*ck you Sue-Ellen Braverman (yes, your parents named you after a trashy TV show character), you hate-inciting, hatred-spewing, dog-whistling, vile piece of sh*t. F*CK.YOU.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

"Peace demonstration", 1945

© Henri Cartier-Bresson / Magnum Photos

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