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Ukrainian artists: Maria Kulikovska

"Mariupol is always covered with smog. On the other side of the sea is occupied Crimea - my home. 20 km away in the east, the war continues daily, but people just rest on the beach tired of the conflict. This beach is full of mines and people with guns. It has been going on for 2 years and people don't even notice it anymore because they are tired. They are tolerant to death, weapons, violence, war. I also came to the beach. For screaming. I looked at the sea, which is the boundary between my home and the war. I looked to the east and saw bombs on the horizon." - Maria Kulikovska

An architect, a feminist, an activist and a multimedia artist, Maria was born in Kerch, Crimea in 1988. After the illegal annexation by Russia in 2014, the biggest land grab in Europe since WWII, she moved to Sweden. As I understand it, she has not been back to Crimea since. For all I know, she may not even be allowed to.

In this photo, Maria is screaming all her pain and anger into the sand. She is screaming, while armed soldiers look on and seem to be edging closer, because she's so near, yet so far from her home. She is screaming, because everyone else around her is too tired to care. She is screaming because sometimes that is all we can do to make our voice heard.

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Maria Kulikovska photographed by Sergey Vaganov during her performance on the mined beach of Mariupol. From the series War and Pea€e, 2016

All rights Maria Kulikovska

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