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Ukrainian artists: Kinder Album

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

"There will be a painting that shows our victory, for sure." - Kinder Album (interviewed by Bird in Flight)

The truth is we do not know that there will be, but I can but hope the artist is right. For now, I'm counting the little dot-like heads in her painting. I think I counted around 80, but after a few they seem to blend into one. It must be my declining eyesight. So I remind myself that each dot represents a person running from their home, one of the hardest things imaginable. Each dot has a story, a family, a job, hopes, dreams, fears.

Kinder Album, who's based in Lviv, is now making her art from a shelter, where she shares the space with children, elderly people and pets. She says it's how she controls her anxiety and contributes to the common fight. As it becomes harder and harder to find the words to articulate our emotions, an artist's creativity may be the only universal language we can all understand.

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The Refugee Flow, 2022

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