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One year of war in Ukraine

It's coming up to the 1st anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2021. The media have reported that Russia is planning to send tens of thousands of young troops to Eastern Ukraine as they launch yet another major offensive.

The idea that Ukraine should trade land for peace is both ignorant and offensive. Any territorial compromises would weaken the invaded and embolden the invaders. There is no possible peace scenario in which Ukrainians can share their country with those who have tortured and murdered civilians weaponising rape and ditching their bodies into mass graves, bombed hospitals and kidnapped and deported children to Russia to be re-educated and adopted. This is a colonial war. To accept and formalise Russian occupation would lead to the eradication of Ukrainian culture and to the realization of Putin's imperialist vision. And that is the opposite of peace.

Ukrainian Tragedy #2, 2022

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