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Italy's 79th Liberation Day anniversary

While Italians get ready to enjoy their 79th year of peace and freedom, somewhere not too far from us the winds of war are howling. April 25th represents a symbolic date on which we commemorate the liberation from over twenty years of fascist dictatorship, five years of world conflict and twenty months of civil war.

Liberation Day remains one of the highest moments in Italian history, a day that should inspire and unite the country. Alas, in 2024 Italy historical reality is being challenged by the right-wing government. Revisionism is ripe, the full horror of fascism gets airbrushed, its devastating impact is trivialised, and a nauseating wave of fascistic nostalgia is gaining momentum polluting public discourse and betraying the memory and the legacy of anti-fascism.

The celebration of April 25th is not empty rhetoric, it is to honour a founding moment of Italian democracy. Italy is an anti-fascist Republic by law, not by opinion. Long live the anti-fascist Republic, long live the Italian Constitution, long live April 25th.

21/04/1945 - Bolognese citizens take to the streets to celebrate the city's liberation with Polish soldiers.

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