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Italy's 78th Republic Day

Today the Italian Republic turns 78. On June 2nd, 1946 a whopping 90% of the electorate flocked to the polls to decide between the monarchy and the republic. Importantly, that was also when 13 million women were eligible to vote for the first time. The women you see in this mosaic are among the ones who dutifully lined up to exercise a right of citizenship that had long been denied to them. Whatever they voted for, I am grateful for the role they played on that day.

Such full-throated commitment to active participation in deciding the country’s fate is in sharp contrast with the increasing ongoing trend to abstain from the polls, and a state of general indifference and disaffection with politics. How much we take for granted, how easily we forget these are hard-fought rights. As far as I'm concerned, I am going to put myself in the shoes of those women who cast their vote for the 1st time 78 years ago. Like them, I am going to use my democratic privilege and exercise my right in the hope that my choice will change things for the better. Vote ffs, vote.

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