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Héctor Zamora's Lattice Detour, The Met rooftop

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

"The wall is a monument to openness over enclosure, lightness over heaviness, transience over permanence — it’s also fraught with political meanings." - Héctor Zamora

Oh the timeliness. Oh the metaphor. Oh the poetry. Oh the delight. Lattice Detour truly has it all. This wall, in fact, may well be the ultimate installation for a social space in 2020 America.

A wall in America - the defining symbol of our (extremely messed up) times. A wall on the Met terrace, one of the most celebrated cultural institutions in the world. A 30-metre long curved wall designed and built by a Mexican artist with humble terracotta bricks made by Mexican labourers with Mexican earth using traditional Mexican processes. With its grid and perforations, this humble Mexican wall redefines the unique experience that is looking out at the breathtaking Manhattan skyline. A Mexican wall towering over Manhattan, not so subtly pointing the finger at the ills of the Western world, but also inviting us to reconsider the way we interact with each other and the environment around us.

New Yorkers, you lucky people, you have until December 7th to go peek through those bricks and tag me.

P.S. Do you think they can see it from 721–725 Fifth Avenue? Has he tweeted about it yet?

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