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Good news: Spring is here!

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

I have this inexplicably difficult relationship with exclamation marks, which I find offensive and mostly unnecessary. But the arrival of Spring has to be my favourite event in the year and, as such, it's okay to shout about it. So yes folks, Spring is here! Except I was so busy being worried and poring over the news that I almost missed it.

Amid the global pandemic doom and gloom, 82-year old British artist David Hockney sends us a much-needed message of hope and positivity from his home in Normandy, where he now resides. His ipad drawing Do Remember They Can’t Cancel the Spring reminds us of the beauty of the colours of Spring and the continuity of nature whatever may be happening in the world. More on the representation in art of Spring in all its humbling splendour in the coming posts.

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Photo credit The Art Newspaper, Do Remember They Can’t Cancel the Spring © David Hockney, 2020

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