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Annie-Rose Fiddian-Green: Celebrating the lungs of our planet

"During lockdown I moved to north Norfolk where my attention was captivated by the ancient trees that hold the space there so powerfully. Fascinated by the biological communication that trees have with each other, I began research into the magic of forests." - Annie-Rose Fiddian-Green

Trees, the immortals. The one irrational theory my otherwise staunchly rational self insists on hanging on to. Their magic, their power, their interconnectedness - I immediately saw it in these works, it was calling out to me. Annie-Rose's celebration of trees is poignant and timely, it speaks to all of us at a time where we have turned to both art and nature to repair and nurture our bruised body and soul.

The artist's practice engages with a variety of media and subject matters (e.g. acrylic paintings of portraits and figurative landscapes) with the same vigour and maturity, but like her in the forests of north Norfolk, I was spellbound by the energy of her magical twirling trees.

Annie-Rose is donating a portion of the sales from this solo show to Trees for Cities. Open until October 1st at Waterton Gallery, 56 Dawes Road SW6 7EJ.

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Breathing Tree

180cm x 129 cm

Pencil on paper

The Three Trees

96.5cm x 76.5cm

Mix media on canvas

Talking Trees

70cm x 53cm

Pencil on paper


123.8cm x 173.2cm 

Pastel on paper

Annie-Rose Fiddian-Green

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